Uneasy Alliances

You can't escape the danger!

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mmsuben asked: Given the Colbert thing I was wondering what your thoughts were about "satirical" racism like that and whether it's acceptable as a form of humor or if it's the old "ironic racism is still racism" deal?


I dunno enough about the specific situation, honestly. I know that Colbert had a bit about the Washington football team that illustrated the ridiculousness of the controversy by way of putting it right alongside more racism. The racist part of the bit was tweeted from Colbert’s account without the context of the joke, which is dumb. That’s bad comedy. Jokes like that aren’t just funny sayings. They’re stories that need a beginning, middle, and end.

Anything goes in art, as far as I’m concerned, and comedy is an artform that I respect a whole, whole lot. But even though anything goes in art, if you suck at the form, you ain’t getting away with anything. Competence counts, and this sounds like a pretty incompetent choice by whoever runs dude’s Twitter.

If you’re gonna do it, you gotta do it right, and that pretty much means “understand how the heck telling jokes work” at a bare minimum.

In other news, I found myself rewatching The Boondocks season two the other week and that’s pretty much what doing it right looks like.